Tasty French Fries That Are Healthy!

I was reviewing my Pinterest earlier today and came across this recipe for Baked Garlic Curly Fries! I like curry but if you are not a fan you can add your favorite seasoning or as suggested just garlic and salt! I am huge fan of cajun and creole seasoning so I’ll be trying these spices as well!

Healthy Fries

Eating healthier foods does not have to mean that we give up our favorite foods. Praise be to God for that! We just have to learn to make what we love healthier. Once you stay away from fried foods and then go back to them every now and again I think you will notice that they don’t taste as good as you thought they did previously.

I challenge you to try this out. Stay away from fast food for a month. Do not eat processed or fried foods from any fast food (they have a drive through window) for a month. Instead take your lunch or eat at a sit down restaurant and choose natural foods and lean meats. This is as easy a salad with a light vinaigrette dressing and some grilled chicken breast, fish, or lean cuts of pork and beef. After a month go back to your favorite fast food and eat your favorite food item from there. Let me know if it taste as good as you thought it did a month prior. Fresh foods taste great. Processed foods taste like processed foods and have a little bit of that mushy card board taste to them. Once you train your taste buds on good natural and lean foods with good seasonings you will not want to go back to the processed foods.

It takes a little bit longer to prepare fresh foods in a healthier way. Just like most things in life, anything good or healthy takes some retraining of our mind and attitudes. Let me suggest you get your family in the kitchen with you. Make cooking dinner a family affair. You are taking an everyday occurrence and using it as a teachable moment for your kids and spouse. This should be fun and a place to try new idea’s and taste. These fries are a great way to experiment with different spices you have in your pantry. Just divide the potatoes up and add different spices to each smaller portion for your family to try. Kids who grow up cooking healthy with live healthier lives.

Enjoy and come back to let me know what you think of this recipe!


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